An immersive course exploring the award-winning app that gives a voice to those who cannot speak.
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Symbol-based communication app for children, teens and adults who cannot speak.
Discover Proloquo2go

Anne Carlsen will be offering a 6-week course: Introduction to Proloquo2Go.

Proloquo2Go is the only AAC app that combines unique features, such as research-based vocabulary levels, (activity) templates to support motor-planning, ExpressivePower™ to express yourself and full bilingual support. And all that with minimal customization effort!

Proloquo2Go is designed to ensure growth of communication skills and to promote language development. It covers all users, from beginning to advanced users, while catering for a wide range of fine-motor, visual and cognitive skills.

We'll teach you how this revolutionary app can empower your child or student.

Support for all Users.

Classroom & Therapy

Language development

  • Transition between vocabulary levels with minimal re-customization
  • Use Progressive Language to hide and reveal buttons in a developmental order
  • Support learning through motor planning with core words located consistently across folders
  • Benefit from fully configurable grammar support for nouns, pronouns, verbs and adjectives

Classroom & Therapy

  • Customize vocabulary and settings per student with multi-user support
  • Start simple and expand vocabulary as needed with minimal effort
  • Share vocabularies and folders between users and devices


  • Use Hold Duration, Select on Release and switch access to compensate for motor challenges
  • Benefit from auditory fishing and appearance options for vision impairments
  • Access through Apple’s Switch Control, Apple’s VoiceOver or Apple Watch


  • Configure the buttons and Message Window with symbols and text, or text-only
  • Use the highly configurable PolyPredix™ word prediction in Typing View
  • Use the Grid keyboard, Apple’s built-in keyboard or buy accessible keyboard Keeble
Child-Friendly Classes, Expert Instructors

Mark Coppin

Mark Coppin is the an Apple DistinguhDirector of Assistive Technology at the Anne Carlsen Center in Jamestown, ND where he coordinates the provision of assistive technology services for the Center.

In 2009, Mark was named an Apple Distinguished Educator, and served on their advisory board from 2009-2012. His leadership was instrumental in the Anne Carlsen Center’s selection as an Apple Distinguished School for 2012-2015.

Multiple Class Sessions

We're pleased to offer Proloquo2Go classes on the following dates:

Feb. 8Feb. 15 Feb. 22Mar. 1Mar. 8Mar. 15

These classes occur from 6:30 - 8:00pm. Children can sign up to attend activities while adults are at the training.

Activities for children ages 3-17 will be provided during the parent trainings by ACC staff. Each week play activities will focus on a different skill area. These activities will be barrier free so everyone can participate. 

    Individual Session Overview

    Feb 8- Setting up Users, Core Vocabulary, working with voices

    Feb 15- Working with buttons and folders

    Feb 22- Appearance and Interaction

    March 1- Access Methods and Switch Scanning

    March 8- Import/Export buttons and folders, VocaPriority - Promoting and Demoting Buttons

    March 15- Using Templates, Backing up, restoring, restrictions

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